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Half Persian 2 Sheet 4 in 1 AR Comparison
Article © MAIL User: Chainmailbasket_com

This is a pictoral comparison of Half Persian 2 in 1 Sheet 4/Persian 4 in 1 Sheet (HP2S4-1) at a range of ARs from 4.1 to 6.0. They are presented in reverse order of largest AR to smallest, with one exception at the end. Each of the first seven samples contain 98 rings and is a 7x7 parallellogram. In terms of ring quantity though, they are actually 14x7.

This weave has a few unusual properties when compared with other sheets from the Persian family of weaves:

Image: hp2s5-1_60.jpg
AR of 6.0
At this AR the weave is fairly open and the interaction of the rings is clearly illustrated. The edge rings in the sample are very floppy.

Image: hp2s5-1_57.jpg
AR of 5.7
The sheet is pulled in slightly compared to the 6.0.

Image: hp2s5-1_54.jpg
AR of 5.4
Even more contraction is experienced at this AR. The sheet still has a reasonably relaxed feel to it

Image: hp2s5-1_51.jpg
AR of 5.1
This is hovering around the area in which the weave can be minimally made (AR-wise) and still lie flat on a surface.

Note: this sample appears darker than the others as its material is from a different wire batch.

Image: hp2s5-1_48.jpg
AR of 4.8
The weave is forced to curl slightly at 4.8 AR. The right and left sides are elevated slightly.

Image: hp2s5-1_45.jpg
AR of 4.5
More forced curl is experienced with room for further reduction.

Image: hp2s5-1_43.jpg
AR of 4.3
A smaller AR gap still contracts the sheet. Things are getting very interesting as any kind of looseness felt in the weave is gone at this point. The sheet at this AR has both the feel and appearance that I would personally consider to be ideal if it weren't for the forced curl. This sample brings about the quesion at what point of expansion would this piece lock up?

Image: hp2s5-1_41.jpg
AR of 4.1
The weave competely locks up after a few rows at 4.1. Even Half Persian 2 in 1 Spine behaves poorly at this AR.

Image: hp2s5-1_42.jpg
AR of 4.2
At 4.2, the weave can certainly be expanded further than at 4.1, but eventually becomes too tight to continue. 4.2 will work for Half Persian 2 in 1 Sheet 4 Box/Power Tower as the minimum AR with a small amount of flexibility.

Ring sizes used:
.048" (1.22mm) stainless steel, pinch cut

AR of 6.033/128" (6.55mm).290"
AR of 5.7(.246") 6.25mm.274"
AR of 5.415/64" (5.95mm).261"
AR of 5.17/32" (5.56mm).243"
AR of 4.8(.206") 5.25mm.231"
AR of 4.525/128" (4.96mm).215"
AR of 4.33/16" (4.76mm).207"
AR of 4.123/128" (4.56mm).199"

.063" (1.6mm) stainless steel, pinch cut

AR of 4.231/128" (6.15mm).266"

Why does the weave curl?
Each ring in the pattern has a single around the eye (AE) and a single through the eye (TE) connection, laterally, on opposite sides. It also has an additional set of these longitudinally, as it expands the same in either direction. Because of this, two TEs are adjacent to each other, just as the two AEs are. Without any other, underlying connection types, the weave naturally is forced to twist.

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