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Targ's Collar
Article © MAIL User: djgm

Targ's Collar rooted in Hexagonal Hoodoo with stabilizing rings woven in and around. This tutorial demonstrates how to start and complete one segment. The rings I use are 16swg 3/16" and 1/4" with actual IDs of AR3 and AR4.1. I will be describing the AR3 as (small rings) and AR4.1 as (large rings). The red dots denote the active rings in each frame. The sheet is flipped over to complete the segment more easily and I have written the word (Flip) on the frame where this occurs. The frames reads from left to right.
Image: targband.jpg

1. In the first frame I have made two Mobius (one clockwise and one counter clockwise spinning) with the large rings. They are attached by a small ring in a 1 in 1 connection.

2. No rings have been added in the second frame. I have flipped the mobiuses in and layered them in a Universal position over and under the small ring.

3. In the third frame I have stabilized the Universal connection through each mobius with small rings.

Image: tut123.jpg

4. In frame four a large ring is connected through one ring of each Mobius in a 1 in 1 connection.

5. In frame five I used large rings to complete a three ring mobius on each side of the active ring from step four.

6. In frame six I connected a closed small ring to one of the active rings from step five.

Image: tut456.jpg

7. In the seventh frame the small closed ring active in step six is folded in and connected with a large ring to the active ring from step five on the opposite side.

8. in frame eight I used large ring to complete a a three ring mobius on each side with the four large active rings from steps five six and seven.

9. In frame nine I have stabilized the Mobius on each side with small rings connecting between the other rings to the active rings from step eight.

Image: tut789.jpg

10. Frame ten is the view from the backside with no alteration from step nine.

11. In frame eleven I have connected the active rings from step four to the initial mobiuses from step one with a small ring on each side.

12. In frame twelve I connected the active rings from step nine and eleven on each side in a (European connection) with small rings.

Image: tut101112.jpg

13. Frame thirteen is the flipside of twelve with no alterations.

14. Frame fourteen is the commencement of a new segment with the same connection as step four.

Image: tut1314.jpg
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