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European 4n1 Converted into Japanese 4n1
Article © MAIL User: Grace

This photo sequence shows how to convert European 4 in 1 into Japanese 4 in 1
I used TRL 18g 1/4 ID AA jumprings

Starting with a sheet of European 4n1, I have marked with the green rings what rings need to be removed to convert this sheet into Japanease 4n1. As you can see the pattern of rings to be removed. it is one direction of ring, is every other ring in a checker. board pattern. If you have a hard time seeing the pattern in your single color sheet try laying it out, and marking 1 ring with a sharpie marker, and then radiate your marking from that point. Then remove all the marked rings. (To remove the sharpie marks, submerge marked rings in alcohol)

Likewise the Japanease 4n1 can be made into a Euro 4n1 sheet, by adding jumprings in the same direction into each hole.

Image: eujp1a.JPGImage: eujp2a.JPGImage: eujp3a.JPG
Image: eujp4a.JPGImage: eujp5a.JPGImage: eujp6a.JPG
Image: eujp7a.JPGImage: eujp8a.JPGImage: eujp9a.JPG
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