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European 4n1
(Killing Mickey)
Article © MAIL User: Grace

Story behind Killing Mickey

When I started to make chain maille for the first time in the June in 1998, I had a dowel, wire, pliers, small wire cutters, I bought at ACE, and a sample patch of european 4n1 someone gave me.
By December 1998, I had an epiphany and discovered this method of weaving and I was dumbfounded how easy it was, and I thought everyone did it this way, and I was an idiot that had been doing wrong for 6 months!

Then in the following years, I started to have some access to the internet, and back then with limited access to affordable digital cameras, or scanning devices.
The only way to communicate weaving methods was with O's and dashes like this O-O-O-O wich with description was still left allot to the imagination.

Then with the technology getting better access to others through PM, chat programs, message boards Etc it became allot easier to find other maillers in my area, and I was able to meet others in person.

I found out very quickly that my Maille weaving Epiphany, was my own, and my thoughts that "everyone did it this way, and I was an idiot" was wrong, In fact I found no one else that did it this way! and that there were several common ways that people generally did it, wich I had also figured out on my own, before this method. and most people had their own preferred method.

So I ended up showing several new local maille friends my weaving method, and most were just as dumbfounded as I was when I first discovered it. Some of them elected to adopt it, and some kept to their original preferred style.

One of my friends, that did adopt it, informed me several months later that he loved my method and called it "Killing Mickey" because that is what he thought it looked like to him when he wove it.

Start of Tutorial
This method is best if you are using rings that start out open enough to pop onto each other to quickly make a long 2n1 strand.
But not open enough to fall off of each other easily while building the strand. It is also a great method if you need long ribbons that follow the rippled length. (As you will shortly see every green ring [Except the middle starting point ring] will become the outside of the ribbon, and every blue ring will become the 2nd ring in. The opened Yellow jumprings will weave down the middle)

I used TRL 18g 1/4 id AA rings for this tutorial, I selected The colors Green, Blue and yellow rings to show the relation of the rings to each other while weaving.

Image: step1.JPG Image: step2.JPG

Step 1
Create a long chain of rings by popping rings together into a long 2n1 chain, Then close all the connected rings.

Step 2 (Photo left)
1 long 2n1 chain, and many opened jumprings.

Step 3 (Photo right)
Find the middle of the long chain (or the closest to the middle) This will be your starting ring.

Image: step3.JPG
Step 4
Add an open yellow through the first 2 blue rings, so it is parallel to the starting ring (Green) the bottom of the yellow ring should be the under the green, and the open end faceing up.

Image: step4.JPG Image: step5.JPG Image: step6.JPG
Step 5 (Left photo)
Rotate the next blue ring down the right side of the chain in a clockwise motion onto the open yellow ring, using the green ring as the Axis.

Step 6 (middle photo)
Rotate the next blue ring down the left side of the chain in a counterclockwise motion onto the open yellow ring, using the green ring as the Axis.

Step 7 (Right photo)
Close the yellow ring.
(if you did this first section correctly it should look like this)(However if the far right or left green rings look floppy or are in a vertical position to the weave you likely have one or both sides positioned as if to make "Gridlock" or "Corduroy" weave) if so start over.

Image: step7.JPGImage: step8.JPGImage: step9.JPG

Step 8 (left photo)
Add an open yellow through the next 2 blue center rings, so it is parallel to last yellow ring. the bottom of the open yellow ring should be the under last yellow ring, and the open end
faceing up.

Then repeat step 5, 6, 7, 8 over and over until you have a long ribbon or 2.(right photo)

Image: step10.JPGImage: step11.JPGImage: step12.JPG

To connect 2 ribbons together
Step 9 lay 2 strips side by side so the edge rings are facing the same directions.

Step 10 (Right photo)
Take an open yellow ring and put it through all 4 side Green rings. on both sides, the bottom part of the ring should be towards you and the prongs towards the top back. Then close the yellow ring.

Step 11 (middle photo)
add another yellow ring through the top last 2 green rings and the next 2 above them.

Continue to connect the sides of the ribbon until you are finished!
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