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Three Quarters Persian Flowers
Article © MAIL User: Grace

This tutorial shows how to make "Three Quarters Persian Base 8 Flowers"
These flowers can be made in several base numbers, the amount of units and tightness will be determined by the ring ratio used. (Example base 6 takes 18 rings, base 7 takes 21 rings, base 9 takes 27 rings Etc)

Image: 14A.JPEG

I used TRL AA 18g 1/4 rings for this tutorial.
(Almost all the openings are righty rings Right prong towards you except the last connection wich is recommended to do a lefty opening)

Image: 1A.JPeGImage: 2A.JPEG

1) This weave will take 24 rings. Open 8 rings, close 16 rings.
(I used the colors [Blue closed] [yellow open] in this tutorial)

2) Make a 4n1 unit useing 1 yellow and 4 blue.

Image: 3A.JPEGImage: 4A.JPEG

Goal: Make a strip of 3/4 Persian chain 8 units long. (unit being 1 yellow ring and 2 blue)
(this can also be accomplished by making a full Persian chain and taking out 1 side of rings)

3) Fold the 4n1 unit like so. 2 blue rings should be parallel touching the side of the yellow ring, the top blue rings should be straddling the outside of the bottom blue rings and floating in the middle of the yellow ring.

4) Split the bottom 2 blue rings, run a yellow with 2 loose closed rings on it, through the middle of 1 bottom blue ring, out through the top 2 blue rings, then back through the 2nd bottom blue ring, being careful not to drop the 2 loose blue rings, then close the yellow ring.
(some people like to add the loose blue rings at the end of the maneuver)

Image: 5A.JPeGImage: 6A.JPEGImage: 7A.JPeG

5) Left and middle photos show what the Hp 3/4 unit looks like from 2 different angles after step 4.

6) Continue to add length this way until you have used up all 24 rings.
(it should look like the right photo)

7) Go to the end with the single yellow ring on top and open this ring.

Image: 8A.JPeG

7) Loop the weave around into a hoop shape, put the open yellow end ring, onto the 2 blue end rings on the other side.

Image: 9A.JPeGImage: 10A.JPeGImage: 11A.JPeG

(left and right photos are Before and after photos, the center and right photos are the same step only viewed from a different angle)

8) Then open top blue ring behind the yellow ring just connected, loop it through both the yellow rings ahead of it, and between the blue rings ahead of it.
(it is important to get this ring between the 2 blue rings, and through the yellow rings)

Image: 12A.JPeGImage: 13A.JPeG

(Before and after photos)

9) Now open the parallel blue ring on the other side, using a lefty opening (left prong towards you)to complete the weave.
(it is important to get this ring between the 2 blue rings, and through the yellow rings)

Image: 14A.JPEG

10) The completed Three Quarters Persian Base 8 Flower unit should look like this

Below is instructions how to connect these units together to create a strip or a sheet weave

Image: 15A.JPEGImage: 16A.JPEG

Make 2 or more of these units and lay them side by side.

11) Open one blue ring

12) Loop the blue ring through one blue ring on 2nd unit, (Close the blue ring)

Image: 17A.JPEG

13) The connected unit will now look like this from above,

Image: 18A.JPEG

14) Find the parallel blue ring on the opposite side and connect the other side.

Continue these connections to make a strip, or add another row connecting 2 rings on each side and you get a sheet. Leave one side disconnected to get a more flexible weave.

Image: Last1.JPEG

This is a photo of my original weaves i found in my weave box, the bottom is base 6 sheet.
Weave can be found here: Three Quarters Persian
Original URL: