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Interconnected 2 in 2 Orbital Unit Chain Weave Tutorial
Article © MAIL User: thearmourman

Interconnected 2 in 2 Orbital Unit Chain is very much like a 2 in 2 chain, but it has orbit rings that keep it more rigid. The ideal AR for this weave is an AR of 8. For example, you could use 14 AWG 1/2 in ID rings.
Step 1: Start by putting two rings stacked on top of each other.

Image: step1v2-min.jpg

Step 2: Place an orbit ring over, but not through, the two rings. Then lock it in place by putting two rings (blue) through the original two rings (red).

Image: step2v2-min.jpg Image: step3v2-min.jpg

Step 3: Add two more rings (blue) to one of the two rings just added (red).

Image: step4v2-min.jpg

Step 4: Continue by adding a orbital ring (blue) over the rings just added.

Image: step5v2-min.jpg

Step 5: Add a ring (blue) locking the orbital ring in place, and also connecting to the first double set of rings (red).

Image: step6v2-min.jpg

Step 6: Add another set of two rings to the top right of the piece.

Image: step7v2-min.jpg

Step 7: Put an orbital ring over the ring just added like before, and then add one ring locking it in place while attached to the the previous double rings, and another locking the previous orbital ring in place, while also attached to the current double rings. It should be very symmetrical looking.

Image: step8v2-min.jpg Image: step9v2-min.jpg

Step 8: Repeat steps 6-7 to add on. The result should look like this:

Image: step10v2-min.jpg

Thanks for reading, and good luck!
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