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Orbital Vipera Berus with Pre-Closed Large Rings
Article © MAIL User: kerravonsen

This is a tutorial for making Orbital Vipera Berus where the large rings are pre-closed.
The rings used here are
Large: WD=1.2mm ID=7.94mm Anodized Titanium (which are really difficult to close, which is why I wanted to do the weave with pre-closed rings!)
Small: WD=1.2mm ID=4.76mm Stainless Steel
Yeah, the pictures are pretty washed out; at least they are in focus.

Preparation: Pre-close the large rings, open the small rings.

Step 1. Lay three of the large rings down so that they are overlapping, with the first ring on the bottom, the second ring over the first, and the third ring over the second. (see below)
Take a small ring and put it through the eyes of the large rings. (see below)

Image: kerravonsen-OVB-01.jpg

Step 2. Close the small ring. (see below)

Image: kerravonsen-OVB-02.jpg

Step 3. Take another small ring and put it through the eye between the 2nd and 3rd large ring, and also put it through the first small ring. (see below)

Image: kerravonsen-OVB-03.jpg

Step 4. Lay a fourth large ring over the small ring and the 3rd large ring so that it makes an eye and the small ring is going through that eye. (See below) Close the second small ring.

Image: kerravonsen-OVB-04.jpg

Step 5. Do the same with the 3rd small ring, putting it through the eye made by the last two large rings and then through the previous small ring. Make sure that the third small ring is leaning in the same direction as the first small ring - otherwise the chain will start to twist. Lay another large ring over the small ring and the previous large ring. (see below)

Image: kerravonsen-OVB-05.jpg

Step 6. Close the third small ring. (see below)
Image: kerravonsen-OVB-06.jpg

Keep going, alternating the lean of the small rings as you link them together. Remember, the small rings go through the eyes made by the large rings, and the small rings also link together.

Here's one I prepared earlier...
Image: kerravonsen-OVB-07.jpg

Have fun!
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