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Windmill Weave Tutorial
Article © MAIL User: thearmourman

Windmill Weave Tutorial

The Windmill weave is an easy weave to learn, although it is a little tricky at first. The optimal AR for this weave is an AR of 5.

Good Luck!

Step 1: The first step is to make sets of 5, just like you would in European 4 in 1. Open 1 ring (red), put 4 rings on it (blue), and then close the open ring. Make as many of these as you think you will need.

Image: step1-min.jpg

Step 2: Connect the sets of 5 together by putting a ring (red) through two rings of one set and two rings of another set (blue). Keep doing this until all the sets of 5 are connected together.

Image: step2-min.jpg

Step 3: This next step is the tricky part. You need to put an open ring (red) through the original 4 closed rings (blue) of one of the sets of 5. Make sure NOT to put it through the middle ring. Also, do not put it on the same way as the middle ring. This ring should go "over" all 4 rings. After closing it, the weave should be relatively rigid where you put the ring.

Top View
Image: step3-min.jpg

Bottom View
Image: step3part2-min.jpg

Step 4: Repeat step three for the rest of the strand. The rings just put in are red.

Image: step4-min.jpg

Step 5: When you finish, the weave should look something like this.

Top View
Image: step5-min.jpg

Bottom View
Image: step5part2-min.jpg
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