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Oriental Scale Unit
Article © MAIL User: Chainmailbasket_com

This tutorial demonstrates one method of constructing the Oriental Scale unit. This unit can be further expanded upon to create the weave Japanese Dragonscale, provided the appropriate ring sizes are used.

This unit requires only ten rings and is fairly simple to put together. At least two different ring sizes are required. There are three types of rings present:
I have used .080" (14SWG/2mm) bright aluminum.
Image: o_s_01.jpg

Don't be thrown off by the odd size I chose for the larger ring. Upping to a standard 1/2" (12.7mm) would work just fine. Really the relationship between the small center rings and the single ring that orbits them is important. You can always go larger with that orbital, but if you go too large it would float around instead of being held in place.

Step 1:
Assemble a short 2 in 1 Chain in this configuration:
Image: o_s_02.jpg

Step 2:
Connect it into a loop:
Image: o_s_03.jpg

Step 3:
Close one large ring and place it over the small center rings:
Image: o_s_04.jpg

Step 4:
Insert a ring through two small rings.
Image: o_s_05.jpg

Step 5:
Close the ring.
Image: o_s_06.jpg

Step 6:
Add two more rings in the same fashion:
Image: o_s_07.jpg

Step 7:
Close those rings.
Image: o_s_08.jpg

You have now assembled an Oriental Scale unit.

The following picture shows a few samples in various AR combinations, each using the same wire diameter for the small and large rings.
Image: o_s_09.jpg

Note: You can use a different size of ring on the corners. More information can be found here.
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