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Cloudy Day Tutorial
Article © MAIL User: TrenchCoatGuy

Cloudy Day

For this tutorial, I will be using AR of 4.12 rings - saw cut 18swg aluminum wound on a 3/16" mandrel (0.047"x0.1935").
The coloring I will use in this tutorial:
Red Rings = newly added rings.
Green Rings = rings the newly added rings connect to.
For images with multiple combined steps shown, you should read from left to right and then top to bottom.
Image: Rings.jpg

Step One:
First you start out with the Cloud Cover Knot.
This knot is very easy to drop and get something that no longer looks like the knot. I suggest being very careful to maintain the shape as shown until you become more familiar with this weave.
Image: Step1_Knot.jpg

It is a good idea to become aware that although this "knot" consists of 6 rings, the repeating unit is only 4 rings. As shown in the last panel of the previous image, the top-right green ring and the red ring are a translation of the bottom two rings.
This is the basis of how the weave can be patterned in the vertical direction.
Even though the pattern requires only 4 rings, having the additional 2 rings on the top produces a more stable pattern.

Step Two:
Extend the chain of the weave vertically.
Image: Step2_Chain.jpg

At this point, it should be fairly straight forward to repeat the last steps to add another row.
Image: Step2_Chain_2.jpg

[This chain is Half Persian 3 in 1 Flip. - ed]

Step Three:
Extend the chain into a sheet.
The first ring of the unit goes only through one ring.
You will have an even number of rings to add this image.
Image: Step3a_Col.jpg

The second ring of the unit goes through 2 rings.
Be sure to angle the rings from the previous image correctly during this step.
You will have an odd number of rings to add this image.
Image: Step3b_Col.jpg

The third ring of the unit goes through 1 ring.
You will have an even number of rings to add this image.
Image: Step3c_Col.jpg

The fourth ring of the unit goes through 3 rings.
The new ring goes through an eye on the top, and around an eye on the bottom.
Again, be sure that the ring from the previous step is layered correctly.
You will have an odd number of rings to add this image.
Image: Step3d_Col.jpg

In a more condensed version, here is another column added:
Image: Step3_Col_2.jpg

Step Four:
Extending the sheet with more rows.
Although the chain direction was fairly straight forward, there is a minor change in the pattern for adding rows when you already have a sheet.
For this step, I will be adding 2 rings of the 4 patterned unit per image.

The first pair is added in a 1-1 and 2-1 pattern. The 2-1 portion is an around the eye connection.
Image: Step4a_Row.jpg

The second pair is always added in a 2-1 pattern, with the exception of the first ring.
All connections are through the eye connections.
Image: Step4b_Row.jpg

Happy Weaving.
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