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Half Persian 3 Sheet 5 Crossover Tutorial
Article © MAIL User: TrenchCoatGuy

Half Persian 3 Sheet 5 Crossover
For this tutorial, I will be using AR of 6.66 rings - saw cut 20awg copper wound on a 13/64" mandrel (0.032"x0.213").

Image: PileOfRings.jpg

First you start by weaving Half Persian 3 in 1 and carefully observing the various orientations that are possible.
Image: HP3ChainOrientation.jpg
The orientation that I will be using is the last one in the previous image.
For me, the orientation for this weave is considered laying on its edge.

The next step is to add half of the next column. Each new ring goes through a single ring.
Image: NewColumnRing1.jpg

The next step is to seam up the HP3-1 second column.
Image: NewColumnRing2.jpg

It may be more descriptive to show which new ring connects to which previously existing rings.
New rings are colored red and old rings that the new ring passes through in green.
I will note that with my orientation, the new red rings always pass through an eye on the bottom and around an eye on the top. On the same side where it goes around the eye, it goes through the previous row in the rear. Other starting orientations will differ.
Again, be careful about the layering - be sure to copy the layering as is on the starting column.
Image: NewColumnRing2_Colored_Fixed.jpg

Image: SecondColumn.jpg

Happy weaving.
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