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Medo-Persian; Fieldstone and Sweetpea - The Differences
Article © MAIL User: Corvus

These 3 weaves are very similar, Sweetpea has the biggest difference and therefore it is easier to see and explain it. However Medo-Persian and Fieldstone often look exactly alike and it's much harder to see the differing ring interactions and it's harder to explain.

Hopefully these pictures will help show the differences. In all the pictures, Fieldstone is top, Medo-Persian is middle, and Sweetpea is below.

Firstly the pattern of Fieldstone and Medo-Persian are both 2-2-1-1-2-2-1-1 whereas Sweetpea is 1-2-2-1-1-2-2-1-1
Image: 1.jpg

Ok this doesn't help much I know!

Secondly Fieldstone and Medo-Persian have units that connect 2 into 1 and Sweetpea has units that connect 1 into 1.
Image: 2.jpg

Yeah I know what you're thinking, "so where's the difference"? The coloured dots here should be starting to help you see the differences.

To show things another way, here the 2 chains of Fieldstone and Medo-Persian look EXACTLY the same.
Image: 3.jpg

But now turn your Medo-Persian chain half a turn...
Image: 4.jpg
Can you now see the differing ring interactions? Fieldstone(top), the ring marked in blue goes through the the pair of rings marked in red, the yellow ring does not pass through them.
Medo-Persian(middle), the ring marked in blue goes through the yellow ring but NOT the pair marked in red.

Phew! I hope this made some sense. If anyone feels they can explain it better please let me know and we can add to this article.
I recommend making all three weaves to fully understand them (even though after not making any of them for awhile I became confused about the differences). The differences are subtle but do make a different weave.
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