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Elfweave with a Border
Article © MAIL User: GForce

This is a simple but very effective modification to Elfweave which I discovered when trying to make Vipera Elfa. I added a 2-in-1 chain that passes through parallel edge rings (the "V" rings of the Elfweave) in a way that is similar to the edge rings in Vipera Berus. This makes the weave stable in the "flat" configuration - it won't flip into the "rope" configuration like Elfweave does - and is also very attractive.

This weave is sensitive to AR. My best result was with 19SWG (1mm) bronze 11/64" with an AR of 4.4, which is dense and flexible. But 18 SWG (1.2mm) copper 3/16" with an AR of 4.1 was very tight and about the practical limit for weaving.

I am using blackened rings for the edging. This is my first tutorial so apologies in advance.

1. Start with a piece of Elfweave.
Image: Elfweave_w_border_1.jpg

2. Turn the weave on edge. Notice there are two sets of rings that lie in parallel - these are the ones referred to in Elfweave (from CGMaille) By Phong as "V" rings and "inverted V" rings. Add a ring through two similarly-oriented V rings.
Image: Elfweave_w_border_2.jpg

3. Here's how this looks from the front of the weave.
Image: Elfweave_w_border_3.jpg

4. Notice the new ring is lying alongside one of the second set of parallel rings - the "inverted V" rings. Add a second ring through the ring you just added, and through the "inverted V" ring that it is lying beside, and through the next parallel "inverted V" ring. Be careful not to go through any other rings.
Image: Elfweave_w_border_4.jpg

5. Add a third ring through the last ring you added, the V ring it is lying beside and the next parallel V ring.
Image: Elfweave_w_border_5.jpg

6. Carry on to the end of the row. This is the front view.
Image: Elfweave_w_border_6.jpg

7. Repeat on the other edge, and it's done. Front and edge views:
Image: Elfweave_w_border_7_front.jpg
Image: Elfweave_w_border_8_edge.jpg

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