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Alligator Back
Article © MAIL User: MasterFowl

The rings used in this tutorial for Alligator Back are 18SWG 3/16" I.D. with an aspect ratio of 4.1.

First, make a European 4 in 1 chain to desired length as shown.
Image: 11.jpg

Next, begin creating the ridges of the Alligator Back by adding rings to the side of the European 4 in 1 chain. Please note the direction of the rings in the chain and how the ridge rings are inserted as both are very important. In this tutorial, we will be following the side rings of the European 4 in 1 as though we were climbing stairs. The side rings fall on each other in that manner.
Capture the first two rings with your first ridge ring. Notice that it's placed exactly like the middle ring of the European 4 in 1 chain.
Image: 7.jpg

Flip the ring to the centre as shown and prepare to place your 2nd ring.
Image: 8.jpg

Your next ring is placed on the outside of the first ridge ring and it captures 3 rings. Note how it is passed through the rings. Down through the first, up through the 2nd,capturing the 3rd.
Image: 9.jpg

Add your third ring.
Image: 10.jpg

Image: 6.jpg

The other side.
Image: 5.jpg

Your rings should be able to stand like this. If they fall to the centre of the weave and can't be moved to face outwards, you need to revise how to place the rings.
Image: 4.jpg

This is what it looks like flipped on its back.
Image: 3.jpg

Now you are a master of the alligator's back :)!
Image: 2.jpg

And his back's "other side" or "belly"
Image: 1.jpg

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