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Full Persian 8 in 1 Starting with Half Persian 4 in 1
Article © MAIL User: Penguinegg25

This is for Full Persian 8 in 1 staring with a Half Persian 4 in 1 base. I decided I would make this tutorial because I was having problems making this weave starting from nothing. Got some helpful advice to make it from a Half Persian base, so I tried it and it worked. The wire I used for this was 2mm WD and 16mm ID for an AR of 8. This tutorial will work from any base Half Persian to its Full Persian counterpart.
Step 1
Image: Step1.jpg
Start with your HP 4-1 base.

Step 2
Image: Step2.jpg
Take the top set of rings and stand it up so that it stands like this.

Step 3
Image: Step3.jpg
Take an open ring and go through the first eye on the left and to the right of the second eye. All while in front of the vertical rings.

Step 4
Image: Step4.jpg
The next open ring will go through the second eye and past the third eye. Make sure it is on the outside of the previous ring. If you notice, the rings you are adding mirror the other standing rings. So if you forget where the ring should pass through, look at the rings mirror and use that as a guide.

Step 5
Image: Step5.jpg
Repeat step 4 until you are done with that row of rings.

Step 6
Image: Step6.jpg
This step could be confusing but I'll try to explain what and why I had to do it this way. In this step I added a ring to the right side of my chain, which is also the ring that is on top of the whole set of horizontal rings. When you add that ring, make sure that the vertical rings they go through do not sit flush together (step 6), or you will end up making Full Persian 8 in 1 Grizzly instead. If I were to have added the ring to the top most horizontal ring (left side in step 5) before I turned it over those 2 sets of rings would be flush together and I would have ended up with a Grizzly.

Step 7
Image: Step7.jpg
Picture is from the front. Starting on the right, add an open ring through the first eye and around the end as shown. Again, always on top of the previous ring added.

Step 8
Image: Step8.jpg
Repeat step 7 until the horizontal rings are finished.

Full Persian 8-1 (top) and Full Persian 8-1 Grizzly (bottom)
Image: Step8.jpg
Image: Grizzly.jpg
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