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Zymira Chain Tutorial
Article © MAIL User: Adalias

Zymira Chain is a nice simple, yet attractive chain weave based on 2 in 1 Chain. It works best in an AR range of AR of 3.6 to AR of 3.9. I've personally made it at 3.4 and it still works, but the center rings start overlapping, while larger sizes lose the locked/layered structure. A suggested ring size is 16swg (1.6mm) with an ID of 7/32".

To start, make a 2 in 1 Chain. The longer it is, the easier it'll be to stop the weave from collapsing at the beginning

Image: 2_in_1_chain.jpg

Once you have a length of 2-in-1 Chain, you need to add vertical rings through the connecting rings. To start, I like to contract the chain so that the spaces are visible:

Image: 2_in_1_contracted.jpg

From here add 2 rings, one on each side of the chain:

Image: First_locked.jpg

Continue down the chain adding more until it reaches the desired length. To help stop the weave from collapsing, I try to always leave some 2-in-1 Chain as a tail.

Image: Many_Locked.jpg
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