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Article © MAIL User: Phong

Rondo combines elements of Helm Chain and Byzantine. Rondo takes 3 different ring sizes: AR's of AR of 6.9 (large), AR of 4.5 (medium) and AR of 3.7 (small) will work.

Step 1: Step 1: Make a 2-1 chain as long as you want the final chain to be. The single rings are large and the doubled rings are medium.

Image: rondo01.jpg

Step 2: Place large rings over top of the doubled medium rings.

Image: rondo02.jpg

Step 3: Attach large rings to the doubled medium rings, trapping the loose large rings. Note - In actual practice, you'll add one loose ring, trap it, add another loose ring, trap it, and so on. But that's not how I made the pictures. *shrug*

Image: rondo03.jpg

Step 4: Add 2 medium rings to both sides of the loose large rings, all the way down the chain.

Image: rondo04.jpg

Step 5: Add 2 medium rings to 2 of the bronze rings you added in the last step. You should use 1 bronze ring from 2 separate large rings.

Image: rondo05.jpg

Step 6: Add 2 medium bronze rings to the bronze rings from Step 4. There should be one ring on top and one ring on bottom (which you can't see very well, sorry). The final arrangement should look like Byzantine cages.

Image: rondo06.jpg

Step 7: Finally, add 3 small rings to the rings you added in the previous step. The small rings should be attached to the top and bottom bronze rings, but not to any of the large rings.

Image: rondo07.jpg
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