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Orbital rings are rings that encircle, or 'orbit' other rings without actually going through them. Think of them like the rings around Saturn...or something. Adding orbital rings can snazz up ordinary weaves, such as Byzantine or Box.

There are several forms that orbital rings can take.

This tutorial is for the second type, involving connecting rings. Note that this technique will be easier for larger AR's, and may not work in all situations if you're trying to add on to a stiff or crowded weave. But this should give you some ideas to help you develop your own style. Orbital rings require very large AR's - AR of 6.5 and up. AR's around 6.5 will be very stiff; higher AR's will be looser and allow the connecting rings to go at odd angles.

Step 1: Open a ring. Place the ring you want to be the orbital on <strong>first[/b], then put on the second connector ring.

Image: orb01.jpg

Step 2: While holding the open ring with your pliers (or fingers or tentacles) slide the orbital ring up and over the second connector ring. Make sure to not knock the connector ring off the open ring.

Image: orb02.jpg

Step 3: Continue sliding the orbital ring until the edge just makes it up and over the edge of the open ring. Then rotate the open ring up so the orbital ring can't slide back inside.

Image: orb03.jpg

Step 4: Close the open ring. You now have yourself a nice new orbital connection.

Image: orb04.jpg
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