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Jens Pind Linkage
(from CGMaille)
Article © MAIL User: Phong

Jens Pind Linkage (JPL) is a tight spiral weave that does not unwind. Its construction is just like that for a normal spiral weave; the small aspect ratio is what gives it its unique properties. JPL takes rings on the small AR end, with AR of 2.8 - AR of 3 being preferred. Jens Pind can be made with slightly larger ARs, but the chain may turn out too loose and the spiral will unwind.

Step 1: Add an open ring to a closed ring. Close the second ring, and angle it so the left ring is coming out above the right ring.

Image: jpl00.jpg

Step 2: Pass a ring through the two closed rings, and lay it such that it starts to make the spiral pattern.

Image: jpl01.jpg

Step 3: Pass an open ring through the last two rings, making sure it goes under and not through the left-most ring. This is the start of the repeating pattern.

Image: jpl02.jpg

Step 4: Add a ring to the last two rings, putting it over the second ring in the chain. Again, make sure the new ring only goes through two rings.

Image: jpl03.jpg

Step 5: Add a ring to the last two rings, with it going behind the third ring in the chain (the ring you added in Step 2).

Image: jpl04.jpg

Step 6: Add another ring to the last two rings in the chain. It should go under the ring from Step 3.

Image: jpl05.jpg

Step 7: Add a ring to the last two rings, putting it above the ring from Step 4.

Image: jpl06.jpg

Step 8: Add a ring to the last two rings, putting it behind the ring from Step 5.

Image: jpl07.jpg

Step 9: Repeat Steps 6 - 8 until the chain is the desired length.

Image: jpl08.jpg
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