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Joining Half Persian 3 Sheet 6 in 1 using Interwoven 4 in 1
Article © MAIL User: Phong

Half Persian 3 Sheet 6 in 1 can be made with reversed orientations, but how do you join them into one piece? There are several ways to do so; this tutorial shows how to join it using a strip of Interwoven 4 in 1. You can also use Three Quarters Persian, Elfweave, and Double Gridlock. Half Persian 3-1 sheet 6 needs AR's of AR of 5 and up.

Step 1: Make two patches of HP3-1 Sheet 6 with opposite orientations and lay them out as shown.

Image: joinhp601.jpg

Step 2: Pass an open ring through the top two edge rings that are coming 'up' out of the weave, for both patches.

Image: joinhp602.jpg

Step 3: Pass another open ring through the next 4 rings that are coming 'up' out of the weave. The upper two of these rings were used in the previous step; the lower two are from a new row.

Image: joinhp603.jpg

Step 4: Repeat all the way down the side. The last ring you add should only go through 2 rings.

Image: joinhp605.jpg

Step 5: Turn the whole thing over, and add a ring to the 2 edge rings that are pointing 'up' at you. It should blend in with the very top row of rings.

Image: joinhp606.jpg

Step 6: Connect a ring through the two rings from the last step, and the next two rings.

Image: joinhp607.jpg

Step 7: Repeat all the way down the side.

Image: joinhp609.jpg
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