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Interwoven 4 in 1 with stretchy rings
Article © MAIL User: Phong

Interwoven 4 in 1 Sheet is an interesting weave, whose properties can be put to good use through the incorporation of neoprene/EDPM/nitrile rings. In order for the neoprene to be able to stretch, it has to form 'lines' of neoprene connected by alternate 'lines' of metal.

There are two ways to make Interwoven 4-1 sheet with neoprene.
Method I is to connect strips of Interwoven 4-1. This is a more straightforward approach, but it requires opening metal rings that are already in the weave.
Method II is to make a big ol' sheet of European 4-1 with the neoprene already incorporated, then weave the second layer through it. This doesn't involve opening rings multiple times, but it does require more advance planning.

I'd also recommend being familiar with constructing regular Interwoven 4-1 Sheet before trying it with neoprene. Interwoven 4-1 Sheet requires rings with an aspect ratio of around AR of 5.

Method I

Step 1: Start with 2 chains of I4-1. Put them side by side with their 'grains' going in the same direction. Make sure that the metal rings are on top in the middle.

Image: i4-1sneo101.jpg

Step 2: Add a neoprene ring to the two end metal rings. To do this you'll have to open both metal rings in turn and slip the neoprene ring inside. The neoprene ring should end up in between the two neo rings on either side.

Image: i4-1sneo102.jpg

Step 3: Add another neoprene ring. It should lay between the neoprene rings on either side.

Image: i4-1sneo103.jpg

Step 4: Continue to the end of the side.

Image: i4-1sneo104.jpg

Step 5: Flip it over and connect a metal ring to the four end neoprene rings. It should go between the metal rings on either side.

Image: i4-1sneo105.jpg

Step 6: Add another metal ring to the next 4 neoprene rings. Again, it should lay between the metal rings on either side.

Image: i4-1sneo106.jpg

Step 7: Continue to the end of the side.

Image: i4-1sneo107.jpg

Method II

Step 1: Make a sheet of E4-1 with alternating rows of metal/neoprene. Add a row of metal rings with attached neoprene rings.

Image: i4-1sneo201.jpg

Step 2: Add a row of metal rings to the neoprene row added in the previous step. They'll have to cross to the other side, so this might be tricky. Add neoprene rings to the metal rings on the other side.

Image: i4-1sneo202.jpg

Step 2a: This is what it should look like when you flip it over. See how the gold rings go through the weave? And there are the neoprene rings. They're so cute, aren't they?

Image: i4-1sneo202a.jpg

Step 3: Add another row of metal rings, again going through the weave, and with neoprene rings.

Image: i4-1sneo203.jpg

Step 3a: This is what it should look like from the other side.

Image: i4-1sneo203a.jpg

Step 4: Add the last row of metal rings. These don't need neoprene rings.

Image: i4-1sneo204.jpg
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