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Interwoven 4 in 1 with stretchy rings
Article © MAIL User: Phong

Interwoven 4 in 1 is a weave I developed while trying to make Elfsheet. Since Interwoven 4-1 is two sheets of European 4 in 1, just build one sheet into two. And the best part is, if you use neoprene (or nitrile, EDPM or other stretchy material) it will rock even more! When neoprene is added, it forms rows; there are rows of neoprene connected by rows of metal. Interwoven 4-1 requires rings with an aspect ratio of around AR of 5.

Step 1: Make a strip of European 4-1 with the outside rows neoprene.

Image: i4-1neo01.jpg

Step 2: Put two neoprene rings on a metal ring and attach the metal ring to the two edge neo rings on the E4-1 patch. The metal ring should make a quasi-Persian connection. The blue neo rings should go on top of the metal rings in the E4-1 patch.

Image: i4-1neo02.jpg

Step 3: Add a ring to the other side, connecting the neo rings added in Step 2 and the far two neo rings.

Image: i4-1neo03.jpg

Step 4: Add a neo ring to a metal ring and add
the metal ring to the patch.

Image: i4-1neo04.jpg

Step 5: Add the metal ring to the other side.

Image: i4-1neo05.jpg

Step 6: And again.

Image: i4-1neo06.jpg

Step 7: Add the ring to the other side. Except this time, add the ring while singing your choice of Disney song. (Just kidding; showtunes work just as well.)

Image: i4-1neo07.jpg

Step 8: Add the last two rings. You don't need to add any neo rings. Or sing any songs.

Image: i4-1neo08.jpg
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