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European 4-1 with Half Persian 3-1 Trim
Article © MAIL User: Phong

Half Persian 3 in 1 can make a great trim to finish off European 4 in 1. This tutorial covers 4 ways to add Half Persian 3-1 to European 4-1. Methods I - III add HP3-1 to the top/bottom of an E4-1 patch; Method IV adds HP3-1 to the side of an E4-1 patch.

Method I is to make a Half Persian 3-1 chain and European 4-1 patch and attach them. This is the most straightforward way to do it, but can be tricky at low ARs.

Method II is to construct the Half Persian 3-1 chain directly to the European 4-1, just like you do when making Half Persian 3 Sheet 5 in 1. This is slightly harder, but good if you're short on space.

Method III is to add a single row of rings that change the last row of European 4-1 into Half Persian 3-1. This is good if you want to add Half Persian trim to welded maille, for instance.

Methods II and III can also be used to start a Half Persian 3-1 chain, if you like. For those two methods, you'll add the Half Persian to the bottom of the European 4-1.

Method I

Step 1: Make a HP3-1 chain equal to the desired final length. Make a patch of E4-1 with the same number of edge rings as the HP3-1 chain. When the E4-1 is at full stretch it should be longer than the HP3-1 chain. This is ok - the E4-1 will shrink to match the length of the HP3-1 chain.

Image: hptrim101.jpg

Step 2: Add a ring through the two end rings on both the HP3-1 chain and the E4-1 patch. It's a normal E4-1 connection, nothing fancy.

Image: hptrim102.jpg

Step 3: Repeat...

Image: hptrim103.jpg

Step 4: All the way across to the end.

Image: hptrim104.jpg

Method II

This time we'll be adding the HP3-1 to the bottom of the E4-1 patch. This is just to make it more similar to HP3-1 Sheet 5. Also note that the E4-1 patch is 4 rows instead of 3.

Step 1: Make your E4-1 patch. Again, this should be longer than the final desired length. Note that the last row in the patch is going the opposite way as Method I.

Image: hptrim201.jpg

Step 2: Put 2 closed rings on a open ring, and attach the open ring to the bottom of the E4-1 patch. This is exactly the same as constructing HP3-1 sheet 5.

Image: hptrim202.jpg

Step 3: Put a closed ring on an open ring, and attach it in sheet 5 fashion.

Image: hptrim203.jpg

Step 4: Repeat all the way across.

Image: hptrim204.jpg

Method III

Again, we'll be adding the HP3-1 to the bottom of the E4-1 patch. Also note that the E4-1 patch is 5 rows instead of 3 or 4.

Step 1: Start with the E4-1 patch. Note that the bottom link row will become the first HP row. You'll be adding the other row from right to left.

Image: hptrim301.jpg

Step 2: Add a ring to the two end rings. In order for it to be a Persian connection, make sure you add the ring so it goes behind the second E4-1 ring.

Image: hptrim302.jpg

Step 3: Add a ring to the next 3 E4-1 rings, making sure to go behind two of the E4-1 rings and above the ring added in the previous step.

Image: hptrim303.jpg

Step 4: Continue all the way across.

Image: hptrim304.jpg

Method IV

Step 1: Make a HP3-1 chain. Pretty simple so far, no?

Image: hptrim01.jpg

Step 2: Connect a ring to the 3 left-most bottom-row rings. It should make the same style connection that's used in HP3-1 Sheet 6. That is, bring it up through the leftest-most ring, and then down through the eye formed from the 2nd and 3rd leftiest rings.

So much for simple.

Image: hptrim02.jpg

Step 3: Repeat Step 2, this time with the 3rd, 4th and 5th rings. This is still a HP3-1S6 connection; you've just skipped the ring in between.

Image: hptrim03.jpg

Step 4: Continue all the way to the end of the HP3-1 chain. If things don't completely line up at the end, improvise.

Image: hptrim04.jpg

Step 5: Connect a row of rings E4-1-style to the 3 rings you added in the previous steps.

Image: hptrim05.jpg

Step 6: Add the rest of the E4-1 rings.

Image: hptrim06.jpg
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