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European 4-1 Expansion
Article © MAIL User: Phong

Expansions and contractions are useful when you want to tailor maille for garments, or any time you want to change the width of the maille patch without putting in a seam. There are two types of expansions/contractions: column and row. Column expansions will make the patch wider as you go up and down (presuming the maille is hanging the 'right way') and row expansions will make the patch wider as you go from side to side (again, presuming the maile is hanging the 'right way'). Column expansions are much more common and much easier to do. This tutorial is for a column expansion. European 4 in 1 can be made with AR's down to AR of 3. However, in order for there to be enough room to make an expansion, the AR should be AR of 3.8 - AR of 4 or above.

Step 1: Make a patch of E4-1.

Image: e4-1ex01.jpg

Step 2: Fill in the next row as usual.

Image: e4-1ex02.jpg

Step 3: At the point where you want the expansion, pass an open ring through one ring from the previous row.

Image: e4-1ex03.jpg

Step 4: Fill in the rest of the patch as usual.

Image: e4-1ex04.jpg
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