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Great Wire Jewelry: A Review
Article © MAIL User: sakredchao

Great Wire Jewelry - Projects and Techniques
By Irene from Peterson
Published by Lark Books
Page count: 60
Price: $14.95
Reviewed by sakredchao

Great Wire Jewelry opens up with a short talk about different metals, oxidization and polishing. this book is intended for novices,
but the content is high enough to be interesting to an adept. A must-get for those gathering a library.

The layout of this book uses photographs and one and two color illustrations with a healthy dose of text. The photos are high quality and the illustrations are clear. Projects are rated with a difficulty of 1 - 4 vikings.

One short paragraph is written about each of these metals:
.999 silver (fine)
.935 silver
.925 silver (sterling)
silver-plated copper
german silver (nickel silver)
colored copper (anodized or plated i assume. it does not suggest this for use)

This book covers various knit and braid techniques. It talks about most of the problems that one might encounter in the process of
making these items and how to correct them.

The chainmaille section of the book begins with making rings. It uses a hand drill winding setup, and a jeweler's saw in
combination with a 'sawing board' to cut rings. A sawing board is a board with holes and notches put in it to accomodate a spring
that holds it stable for sawing. It also covers making rings made from twisted wire.

All of the directions are for one-ring-at-a-time assembly. No effort towards, or mention of, closed ring or 'speedweaving' techniques.

Chains covered in this book:

cross-linked chain - called 'flower chain' in the weave gallery
3 in 3 chain - the example uses a twisted ring with a normal ring on either side of it.
flower chain - 3 ring mobius balls connected by single rings.
double flower chain - kings mobius balls, loosely assembled, connected by a single ring.
flat chain mail - european 4 in 1
round chain mail - european 4 in 1 cylinder (6 row)
open round chain mail - couderoy, or wave maille in a 6 row cylinder. very attractive chain.
queen's chain - boxchain
criss-cross chain - 6 in 1 version of jens pind's linkage
rope chain - spiral
double rope chain - king's spiral
cross chain - new weave similar to byzantine, but distinct. can be a chain or a fabric.
jens pind's linkage - 4 in 1 spiral variant.
snake chain - half persian 4 in 1
foxtail - full persian 6 in 1
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