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Not Tao 5
Article © MAIL User: MusicMan

I used Not Tao 5 for my Christmas ornament this year and noticed there was not a tutorial for it. After discussions on the forum I finally figured out how to create it and this is what I learned.

All the rings I used were pinch cut for this tutorial. (I got lazy)

Rings Used:
Center Ring Copper - 1.57mm WD, 10.55mm ID, 13/32" mandrel
Wings - Annealed Steel 1mm WD, 6.63mm ID, 1/4" mandrel
Connectors - Stainless Steel, 1mm WD, 4.5mm ID, 11/64" mandrel

Image: NotTao5-1.jpg

Image: NotTao5-2.jpg
1. Take your two “center” rings and sandwich two “wing” rings side by side between the center rings.

2. Connect all four rings together with a “connector” ring that goes down through the right “wing” ring, under the "center" rings and up through the left “wing” ring. (This is the way all the following “connector” rings will connect the new “wing” ring.

Image: NotTao5-3.jpg
3. Take another “wing” ring and repeat the above sequence. Make note that the “connector” rings should all point the same way as you progress around the “center” ring.

4. Rinse and repeat.

Image: NotTao5-4.jpg
5. Once you have added in the fifth “wing” ring you are ready to add the final “connector” ring which can be a snug fit so be ready for some creative weaving.

Image: NotTao5-5.jpg

And you are done with your Not Tao 5 unit.
I used this for Christmas ornaments, but I could see these being great pendants, accents or zipper pulls at different sizes.
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