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Trinitymaille Using Torsion and Tape
Article © MAIL User: TK_125

Making trinity (Trinitymaille) can be a nightmare in the beginning, right? Well I think I've found a way that we can get around that problem. All you need is some tape.

Image: 13022014452.jpg

I'm using 2,5cm tape (1 inch) but that doesn't matter. You're also going to need a lot of open rings/washers. I'm not sure about the rings, but any ring that will work for European 4 in 1 will work for trinity.

Image: 13022014453.jpg

I'm using my 6mm stainless lock washers because that's all I have :-/ (standard DIN 127 type B).
Let's get started then. First we'll make a simple 2 in 1 Chain. It should be longer than 6 rings/washers and the number of rings/washers must be divided by 2 (so number of rings/washers must be even). Let's make it 14 long for now.

Image: 13022014455.jpg

And now we start applying torsion. Simply hold the chain in your hand and start twisting the "B" like in the picture (direction doesn't matter, just keep it up until you've reached point A). Sometimes this might happen:

Image: 13022014456.jpg

If it did, go back to that point and try again. Maybe try turning one ring at the time. When you've turned all of them it should look like this:

Image: 13022014458.jpg

7 rings in the upper line and 7 in the lower line. Good. The torsion part is over. Now we start using the tape. Obviously if we'd pick this up it would unfold. That's why we apply tape to the upper line (or lower, doesn't matter).

Image: 13022014462.jpg

Now we can pick it up and look at it. Now we're going to start adding rings (finally :D). Trinity is 3 in 1. That means there are 3 rings in 1. We currently have 2 in 1. That means we can only add 1 ring. So we add 1 ring on each ring of the line that isn't covered.

Image: 13022014463.jpg

And keep it up until you've added all 7.

Image: 13022014465.jpg

I'm currently in high school and when we're doing some presentation our teachers keep telling us not to copy & paste from the internet. This is what we're going to do. Copy & paste.

Image: 13022014466.jpg

Just try to keep in mind that there should be 3 rings in 1 (except on the outer side) and that the weave is continuous.
Line 1 is same as line 3, and line 2 is same as line 4. And it just keeps washers are too small to make a nice straight trinity :( .

I've stated that length of the chain must be even. That is not true. It's easier, that's why I've used it.

I hope this helps. This tutorial isn't really good, but I think that if you think about it you'll understand ;-)
I may be green but that's a trinity. Just make sure your rings/washers are big enough. I haven't tried it with rings but I think it should work. If I've made a mistake, please let me know.
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