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Half Persian 3 in 1 with Alternating Ring Sizes
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This is Half Persian 3 in 1 with alternating ring sizes and a left lean. I saw this online and it baffled me for a while. I was used to making HP 3-1 starting with 3 rings in 1, but that didn't work for this variation. You have to do it one ring at a time.

For the tutorial here I am using 16g SWG 1/4 and 3/8 BA rings with ARs of approx. 4 and 6.

I usually start and end mine with a small piece of regular HP 3-1. I think it looks nice and it helps to keep the finished piece from tangling too much. So that is what we start with here.

You will want to put a piece of tape over the end of your starter piece so it doesn't come loose on you -

Image: step1-taped.jpg

Then start weaving; start with your larger rings. Take one and weave it between the last 2 in your starting piece like so -

Image: step2.jpg

Next weave in another large ring through the eye of the bottom smaller ring and the large ring in the last step, like this -

Image: step3.jpg

Then flip it up into place; it should look like this -

Image: step3-flip.jpg

Now, holding onto your large rings tight, so they won't move on you, weave a small ring between the 2 larger rings; just like you did before -

Image: step4.jpg

This ring will flop when you let go, so just put it pack in place before you move on.

Weave another of your small rings between the eye of your small ring and the bottom larger ring -

Image: step5.jpg

Then flip it up into place -

Image: step5-flip.jpg

Now back to your larger rings; be sure to hold onto your last set as they will move around a bit. Put more tape over the last set of larger rings to help.

Weave another larger ring between the 2 smaller ones as you did before. It will look like this -

Image: step6.jpg

Add your 2nd larger ring through the eyes on the last 2 -

Image: step7.jpg

Then close the ring and flip it into place.

Continue the weave, alternating your ring sizes in sets of 2. When your chain is about an inch or two from where you want it, finish it with 3 sets of small rings -

Image: chain.jpg

I have done this with 1/4 and 5/16 (top) as well as the 1/14 and 3/8 -

Image: two-chains.jpg

You could even do a wave pattern with 3 or more ring sizes! I haven't tried that yet.

Hope this helps - happy weaving!

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