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To me Vanilla is like sideways RSD units with wings, but the connecting rings are a little different.

I will try to explain here.

For this tutorial I am using 16g SWG 7/32" BA rings with an AR of 3.6. The weave can be done with a little higher or a little lower AR as well.

Here we go ...

1. I start with 1-2-1 piece like so -

Image: step1a.jpg

2. Then add 2 more rings to the end of your starting piece to look like this, to make a 1-2-1-1-1 chain -

Image: step2a.jpg

3. Here is where it got a little tricky for me at first. Slide the end ring under the last ring from the original 1-2-1 piece, creating a sideways RSD unit. Here is a pic of me holding it in place; it won't stay until you attach your first "wing" in the next step though.

Image: step3a.jpg

4. Attach your wings to the eye on one side of your rhino unit now -

Image: step4a.jpg

5. Add another wing to the other side -

Image: step5a.jpg

6. Then attach 2 rings to the bottom of your winged unit, followed by 3 single rings. Your piece should look like this -

Image: step6a.jpg

7. Now start again from 3 and repeat the rest of the steps to complete your chain.

Image: chain1.jpg

Your connecting rings will stagger; one set on the bottom of one rhino unit, connecting to the top of the next unit and so on.

Or you can alternate the way you slide the rings together in step 3 to change up the look. Here my units lay in the same direction -

Image: top-bottom1.jpg

Here they are different -

Image: bottom-bottom1.jpg

Hope this helps someone - happy weaving :)
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