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Orbit Chain
Article © MAIL User: Catweazle

This is a tutorial for Orbit.

I used 3 different ring sizes:

Aluminium: WD=1,0 mm / ID=3 mm (AR of 3)
Brass: WD=1,0 mm / ID=4,0 mm (AR of 4)
Bronze: WD=1,0 mm / ID=5,0 mm (AR of 5)

A short tutorial with only 4 steps. It is possible that you are not satisfied with your result, because you have to open the orbital rings very wide. The shape of the rings may change.

Step 1: Use the two smallest ring sizes (AR=3 and AR=4) to start with a 2-in-2 chain.
Image: MA_Orbit_01.jpg

Step 2: Put a single ring (AR=5) around the a small ring pair (AR=3) in the chain.
Image: MA_Orbit_02.jpg

Step 3: Triple this ring.
Image: MA_Orbit_03.jpg

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all small ring pairs are surrounded by 3 large rings.
Image: MA_Orbit_04.jpg

This tutorial has a few more steps, but in the end the chain looks much better.

Step 1: Build a 2-in-2 combination out of 2 small rings (alu) and 2 middle sized rings (brass). (I added a few rings, so that it is easier to hold the chain in the hand.)
Image: MA_Orbit_05.jpg

Step 2: Now put 2 closed orbital rings (bronze) on top of the small ring pair (alu).
Image: MA_Orbit_06.jpg

Step 3: Pull a middle sized ring (brass) through the small ring pair (alu) and close it.
Image: MA_Orbit_07.jpg

Step 4: Open a large ring (for a better view an aluminium ring) and put it around the middle sized ring (brass) and the small ring pair (alu).
Image: MA_Orbit_08.jpg

Step 5: Close it and double the middle sized ring (brass) at the end of the chain.
Image: MA_Orbit_10.jpg

Step 6: Add two small rings (alu) at the end and start over from step 2 until your chain has reached the desired length.
Image: MA_Orbit_11.jpg

Image: MA_Orbit_12.jpg
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