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Not Tao 3
(CGI; Closed Large Rings)
Article © MAIL User: kerravonsen

This is a method of making Not Tao 3 where all the large rings are pre-closed. I personally find this way easier. I've done this method with rings of the following sizes: Large ring ID=6.35mm WD=1.2mm AR=5.3; small ring ID=3.97mm WD=1.2mm AR=3.3

1. Close five large rings. Open three small rings.
2. Put four large rings onto one small ring. Close the small ring.
Image: NotTao3-A.jpg

3. Rearrange the rings like this:
Image: NotTao3-B.jpg

4. Add another small ring, but don't close it yet.
Image: NotTao3-C.jpg

5. Add the last large ring. Close the small ring.
Image: NotTao3-D.jpg

6. Rearrange the rings like this:
Image: NotTao3-E.jpg

7. Add the last small ring. This is the trickiest one; it may be hard to close; you may need bent-nosed or needle-nosed pliers to access the small ring and pull it around.
Image: NotTao3-F.jpg

Editor note: the small rings appear to be made of ovular wire (smaller in diameter in one direction than the other). The listed ring sizes indeed work. Pretend the wire is round and the diameter is the same size for both the small and large rings.
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