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Triumvirate is a triangular unit. It makes a nice pendant, but can also be connected in different ways to create chains and sheets. I feel it won't be terribly popular in its regular (singular) form due to very small AR rings needed. A doubled up version helps to resolve this issue and can be seen at the end of the article.

The Triumvirate unit uses only 29 rings.

The following ring types were used:

18bright aluminum.062" (1.57mm/~16SWG)1/8" (3.175mm)AR of 2.2These rings have a low AR. This makes them tricky to make and more difficult to weave than more standard ring sizes.
8copper, soft.080" (2.03mm/14SWG)1/4" (6.35mm)AR of 3.32 pre-closed for the central rings.
6 pre-opened fairly wide for the rings that orbit the smaller, 1/8" rings.
The inner diameter of these rings must be greater than the outer diameter of the small rings.
3bright aluminum.062"1/4"AR of 4.4Corner rings. These can vary in size quite a bit.

*AR values taken from measured inner diameter, not mandrel diameter.

Connect 11 small rings in sequence as a 2 in 1 Chain.
Image: tv_01.jpg

The 12th ring will connect the first and last. Be sure not to twist the 2 in 1 Chain before connecting it. This is also the first step to making Japanese 3 in 1. Two pre-closed copper rings are on deck for the next step.

Image: tv_02.jpg

The two pre-closed copper rings will rest inside the J3-1 construct, one on each side, making a sandwich of sorts. It doesn't want to stay this way on its own, but it can be held in place with your thumb and index finger.

Image: tv_04.jpg
Image: tv_05.jpg

Add one of the pre-opened copper rings through the two copper rings added in the last step. This ring will also have to orbit around a ring in the J3-1 section. It doesn't matter where you add this ring. You will notice that what you have made will flop around, but can be manipulated back into its proper fashion for the next step.

Image: tv_06.jpg

Add another ring on the opposite side. This will give the unit some stability.

Image: tv_07.jpg

Add the remaining four copper rings. This on its own makes a really neat unit.

Image: tv_08.jpg

Add six more small rings, one to each horizontal ring.

Image: tv_09.jpg

Now add the three corner rings. Each one passes through two rings added in the last step, plus a copper ring. Depending on the exact ring size used, these rings might want to shift to one side of the horizontal rings in the Japanese 3 in 1 part. Be sure to place all three on the same side.

Image: tv_10.jpg

Now you have finished the Triumvirate unit.

As mentioned above, a way to get around the need for very low AR rings is to double most of the rings in the weave.

Image: tv_11.jpg

I used the following ring sizes in this version, all bright aluminum.

12.062"7/32" (5.6mm)AR of 3.9Horizontal rings.
24.062"3/16" (4.76mm)AR of 3.3Vertical rings.
6.062"1/4" (6.35mm)AR of 4.4Corner rings.
2.080"13/32" (10.3mm)AR of 5.6Large central rings.
6.080"5/16" (7.9mm)AR of 4.3The rings that orbit the vertical J3-1 rings and intersect the central rings.

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