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Water Lily Elfweave
Article © MAIL User: Malin

Water Lily Elfweave

Image: malin mobil 033liten.jpg

A stable variant of Elfweave, that has good mobility and keeps its beautiful Elfweave pattern. Water Lily Elfweave is related to Water Elf, but is not the same weave. The large rings are WD 1.2mm, ID 5.0mm with an AR of 4.2. The small rings are WD 1.02mm, ID 3.75mm with an AR of 3.7.

We begin by doing an ordinary Elfweave.

Image: malin mobil 006liten.jpg
1. Make a 1-1 chain with the larger rings. About double length of the finished chain. (You can always add more rings as you go along.)

Image: malin mobil 007liten.jpg
2. Fold the chain on the middle. If you want to do a 2 color Elfweave, change the middle ring into that color. Here I used purple.

Image: malin mobil 009liten.jpgImage: malin mobil 010liten.jpg Image: malin mobil 011liten.jpg
3. Fold the chain so the first pair is on the outside of the second pair. Put a purple ring as the red arrow shows. The folded rings that you go through are colored pale purple here.

Image: malin mobil 012liten.jpgImage: malin mobil 013liten.jpg Image: malin mobil 014liten.jpg
4. Turn the chain over so the purple ring from step 3 are on the backside of the chain. The folded pair that was on the inside in step 3, will now be on the outside. Fold the chain so the next pair (pair 3 in the chain) meets on the inside of that pair. Put in a purple ring the same way you did in step 3, see red arrow.

Image: malin mobil 020liten.jpg
5. Continue doing step 4 until you have reached the length you want.

Image: malin mobil 021liten.jpgImage: malin mobil 022liten.jpg
6. Press out the chain by pressing together the sides with the purple rings. You now have Elfweave. Only problem is that the weave wants to fold back into the chain in step 5. That's why we make it into a Water Lily Elfweave, by following the steps below.

Image: malin mobil 024liten.jpgImage: malin mobil 028liten.jpgImage: malin mobil 030liten.jpg
7. Use your smaller rings in the following steps.
Put a small ring in between the two silver rings that meet in the middle of the weave. Go under the two purple rings that go around the meeting silver rings. (In other words; go around the eye of the two purple rings). See red arrow. In the pictures above, the small ring is colored pale purple and is not yet closed.

Image: malin mobil 029liten.jpg Image: malin mobil 032liten.jpg
8. Here we have closed the small ring from step 7. Keep adding small rings like in step 7 for the length of the chain, but only on one side of the chain.

Image: malin mobil 033liten.jpgImage: malin mobil 036liten.jpg
9. You have now done Water Lily Elfweave. Here is the front to the left, and the back to the right.

Hope you find this weave as wonderful as I do.
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