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Moon42 Tutorial
Article © MAIL User: Jadelyn

After some frustrating trial and error on finding the most efficient/least irritating way to make Moon42, I figured I'd put together a quick how-to and maybe save someone else my frustration. Rings used here are bright aluminum and copper 19g 5/32" from TRL, AR of 4.

Step 1: Put two closed rings on a scrap twist to give you a handle to start from. You will need three open and three closed rings in addition to the starting two.
Image: Moon42_Step_1.jpg

Step 2: Sandwich one of the closed rings (copper) between and parallel with the two closed rings (silver) from Step 1
Image: Moon42_Step_2.jpg

Step 3: Thread one of the open rings (silver) through the eye created by those three rings and close it.
Image: Moon42_Step_3.jpg

Step 4: That ring bisects the copper ring from step 2, creating two more "eyes". That's where the next two open rings will go. Put an open ring (copper) through the copper ring from Step 2, then add your other two closed rings (silver) and close it.
Image: Moon42_Step_4.jpg

Step 5: Thread your last open ring (copper) through the other "eye", trapping the silver ring from step 3 between it and the previous open ring, and through the two closed silver rings, and close it.
Image: Moon42_Step_5.jpg

There's your completed Moon42 unit! Rinse and repeat until your chain is as long as you want it.

Image: Chain.jpg
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