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Half Persian 3 in 1
Article © MAIL User: Aderamelech

The best way to think about Half Persian 3 in 1 is as one weave made from two separate rows of links. Be sure to watch the consistency of each row, making sure that each new ring lies over (or under, depending on how you are building the chain) the others in a consistent way. In these instructions, the copper rings are one row and the brass are the other. These instructions are for right leaning Half Persian 3 in 1.

1) Close three rings on one link. Set them down as shown. This initial laying of the links is important to building the rest of the chain correctly.
Image: hp3-11.jpg

2) Add an open ring as shown. It should fit through the last two rings of the three that you had in step 1.
Image: hp3-12.jpg

3) Place a closed ring on the open one you added in step two. After you close the step two ring, make sure the new ring from this step is aligned properly with the three rings from step 1.
Image: hp3-13.jpg

4) From this point on, everything is just repeating the steps already made. Put another open ring through the last two rings in the chain, and add a closed ring to it.
Image: hp3-14.jpg

5) Continue repeating steps two and three to whatever length you want. Just remember to keep all the rings aligned to their own row. This is a quick chain to make since it is always moving forward, and there is a one to one ratio of open to closed rings.
Image: hp3-15.jpg

6) Half Persian 3-1 has two sides. One is flat (and is usually the underside) and one is rounded up. We have been working from the underside. Turn the chain over to see the more distinctive Half Persian look.
Image: hp3-16.jpg

The hardest part of this weave is getting it started. You need to be a few rings into it before you have a stable chain that won't fall out of pattern. You may want to try somehow holding the chain in place while you add the first couple of rings. You might also find it easier to use two colours in order to keep the rows more clearly separate. Once you have got the hang of getting these chains going, try experimenting with how you put them together. You may find it easier to work from the top side for example, rather than the underside, as in these instructions. If you have chronic difficulty getting the chain to start, try keeping a little section of stable Half Persian 3-1 around to use as a starter. Add more rings to it to make your chain, then remove the finished piece from the starter. That would keep you from having to deal with the most difficult steps more than once.
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