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Ash's Byzantine Tutorial
Article © MAIL User: Armandur

To start off, you're going to need three different ring sizes for Ash's Byzantine. The weave page lists the ARs for these as 3.3, 3.0 and 6.0.
The page also lists that there are different sizes of wire used for the weave, but I have managed with just one.
Instead I've doubled the connectors for both the Byzantine connectors and the larger connectors used to connect the Byzantine units.

Image: 1.jpg

From left to right: 3.0 x 1mm, 3.6 x 1mm and 6.2 x 1mm. Hereafter called small, medium and large rings.

Step 1

(If you already know how to make a unit of Byzantine, make two units and skip to step 7)

Image: 2.jpg

For each Byzantine unit you're going to need six closed medium rings and eight opened large ones.

Step 2

Image: 3.jpg

Add four of the closed rings to one open ring and then close the open ring.
Then add one open ring next to the one you just closed to get four rings connected to two rings.

Step 3

Image: 4.jpg

Arrange the rings like shown in the picture (I put in two wires in it to hold it in place for photographing)

Try to hold two of the rings connected to the middle rings and fold back the two others.

Step 4

Image: 5.jpg

Take one open ring and hook two closed ones to it.

Image: 6.jpg

Hook the three rings to the start of the Byzantine unit as shown in the picture.

Image: 7.jpg

Now add another ring to the three you just added.

Step 5

Image: 8.jpg

Add two more rings to the Byzantine unit.

Image: 9.jpg

Fold them back like you did the first part of the unit.

Image: 10.jpg

Add two more rings to the two rings you just folded back to finish off the Byzantine unit.

Step 6

Image: 11.jpg

Make another unit of Byzantine.

Step 7

Image: 12.jpg

Open two (or one, I use two for these ring sizes) large rings.

Image: 13.jpg

Take one and hook it through the folded back rings on one side on one of the Byzantine units.

Image: 14.jpg

Hook the large ring through the same rings on the other Byzantine unit.
After you're done, pass the second large ring through the rings where you put the first one.

Image: 15.jpg

You should now have this.

Step 8

Image: 16.jpg

Open one of the small rings.

Image: 17.jpg

Hook the small ring through the ends of the Byzantine units.

Step 9

Image: 18.jpg

Make another unit of Byzantine.

Image: 19.jpg

Connect it with two large rings to the weave.

Image: 20.jpg

Take another small ring and connect it to the end of the Byzantine unit
you just connected to the weave and the Byzantine unit already added.
Take care that you connect the unit on the correct side of the weave.

You now have one "unit" of Ash's Byzantine.

Step 10

Image: 21.jpg

To continue the weave, make another unit of Byzantine and open two large rings.

Image: 22.jpg

Connect the Byzantine unit to the weave with the large rings.

Image: 23.jpg

Open a small ring.

Image: 24.jpg

Connect the Byzantine you just added to Byzantine unit already in the weave.
Take care to add the small ring on the opposite side of the Byzantine units already connected.

Step 11

Image: 25.jpg

Make another unit of Byzantine and connect it to the weave with two large rings.

Open a small ring and connect the Byzantine unit you just added to the one you added before,
taking care to connect the small ring on the same side as that one.

Image: 26.jpg

To continue the weave, just keep on making Byzantine units and connect them.
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