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European 4 in 1 Soda Tab Scale
Article © MAIL User: Aderamelech

Before you get started with any sort of sizable project, you will need to collect soda tabs and plenty of them. Enlist friends, hit recycling centers, look for can collection bins -- any place at all where you might be able to scrounge for tabs. You may want to consider some gloves (preferably disposable and waterproof) since going through old cans almost always results in getting some sort of liquid on your hands. You will also probably want to wash the tabs before use. Once you have a good number of tabs, you can get started.

1) Only use tabs of the same size and shape. The piece of metal that connects them to the can should be removed. They may be a slightly different make, but all your tabs should look like this:
Image: tab1.jpg

2) Close four tabs together with a single ring, European 4 in 1 style. The tabs should be layered so that the holes in the bottom of one line up with those in the top of the others.
Image: tab2.jpg

3) To move upward in a chain, simply layer on more tabs and attach them to the row below.
Image: tab3.jpg

4) To expand to the side, stack the tabs in the same way and then attach to the chain next to them.
Image: tab4.jpg

5) With the exception of collecting all the tabs, sheets of this are very quick to make. Because the tabs are aluminum with large holes punched in it, this weave is also very, very light. In large pieces, the holes in the tabs are not particularly noticeable. I think it makes a very nice scaled look without the work of cutting scales yourself.
Image: tab5.jpg

If you have edges that hang free you may want to put rings through them (just as if you were going to expand laterally, you just don't add new rings). This will keep these edge tabs from shifting around.
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