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Fourever Chain
Article © MAIL User: Catweazle

For this tutorial I used rings with the following specifications:
WD: 1.2 mm
ID: 6 mm
AR: AR of 5
Smallest possible AR: AR of 4

The knots in the Fourever Chain are a kinged version of a small Mobius Ball.

Step 1: For each knot you'll need 8 rings – 6 opened and 2 closed. Start with a 2-in2 chain.
Image: 4ever_a-02.JPG

Step 2 Pull an open ring through the first ring-pair ...
Image: 4ever_a-03.JPG

Step 3: … and then through the second.
Image: 4ever_a-04.JPG

Step 4: Close the ring and double it.
Image: 4ever_a-05.JPG

Step 5: Same procedure with the last 2 rings, but this time with 3 ring-pairs.
Image: 4ever_a-06.JPG

Step 6: Pull an open ring through 2 ring pairs …
Image: 4ever_a-07.JPG

Step 7: … and then through the third pair.
Image: 4ever_a-08.JPG

Step 8: Close the ring and double it.
Image: 4ever_a-09.JPG

Step 9: Connect knots on either side with additional rings to form a chain. But be aware that you may have problems when you are using an AR of 4 or AR of 4.25.
Image: 4ever_a-10.JPG
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