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Mars; Phobos; Deimos Tutorial
Article © MAIL User: ZiLi

The weaves Mars, Phobos and Deimos are a family of Sweetpea / Harvest Moon combo weaves, and modifications thereof, that were inspired by weave Mercury. Rings used for the tutorial's samples are BA 1.6mm, coiled on 8mm mandrel, with an AR of 5.35 (finished, closed rings measured). Rings added are marked golden-yellow, and in case of Phobos/Deimos some are marked blue.


Image: marstut1.jpg
Step 0: As starter use a 1-2-2 ring group. It might be a good idea to add a piece of tie wire, or some existing chain to the single starter ring as a 'handle' - in case of rings flipping back while weaving, simply hold the chain down that handle, and all rings will reorient to their proper position and orientation.

Image: marstut2.jpg
Step 1: Add a single ring, woven backwards, sandwiched between the left ring pair of the weave starter.
Step 2: Add a further single ring, woven forward, sandwiched between the second (right) ring pair of step 0. Note, that the starter's second ring pair, or later the previous Step-5 ring pair tends to flip back in a Byzantine-like manner - simply flip it forward again, when continuing with the next step. The handle trick is helpful here.
Step 3: Add a ring pair this time, backwards, sandwiching the single ring that was added in step 1, and catching the floppy starter/step-5 rings.
Step 4: Add another ring pair, now forward, sandwiching the second single ring.
Step 5: Add a further pair, but this time as simple 2in2 connection, not sandwiching any other rings.

Image: marstut3.jpg
Repeat steps 1-5. Note that this added segment is rotated 90 degrees against the 1st one, so after this is finished, the chain's 'tail' looks and behaves again like the starter. Always use the 1 backwards, 1 forward, 2 backwards, 2 forward, 2 forward succession - added single rings are always sandwiched between previously woven pairs, and added ring pairs (except for step 5) are sandwiching previous single ones.

Image: marstut4.jpg
Rinse, repeat, always in 1B-1F-2B-2F-2F pattern, until the wished chain length is reached.


Image: marstut5.jpg
Weave a Mars chain of sufficient length; note that conversion to Phobos (or Deimos) pulls the basic chain a bit tighter, so a bit more as needed final length is needed.
Step 1: Add two rings on either side, through the single rings of the Sweetpea-like cells (marked yellow here) - the result looks like a 'shaggied' version of Mars.
Step 2: Add two further rings per cell (marked blue here), also on the single-ring side, to build Box-like cells that hold the previously set 'golden' rings.
Repeat throughout the chain. Note that you have to weave through three and around two rings in this step.


This one is similar, but structurally different to Phobos, nevertheless
Image: marstut6.jpg
Again start with a Mars chain of a bit more than needed length.
Step 1: Add two rings on either side (yellow), this time through the paired rings of the Sweetpea-like cells - the result looks like another 'Shaggy Mars'.
Step 2: Add two further rings per cell (blue), also on the double-ring side, to build Box-like cells that hold the previously set yellow rings.
Repeat throughout the chain. Note that you have to weave through four and around two rings in this step. And while weaving you will maybe notice (dependent on AR used), that the cage rings can have two stable positions and can slip from one to the other, disturbing the basically even look of this chain. So maybe prefer Phobos, if you have only ring ARs available, that result in this behavior.

Have fun weaving the Martian weaves - I hope this will not end in a martyrium. :)


Edit: If you omit or forget to weave step 5, you get Sweetpea instead of Mars - so this tutorial is useable there as well...

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