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Minerva Tutorial
Article © MAIL User: ZiLi

Trying to analyze Minerva (originally published as 'Byzantine Knot'), when it was in the submission queue, I made some in-progress samples. And then I simply made a photo from, and documented it, to show the other admins. Well, it became a tutorial. Rings used for that sample are 1.6mm coiled on 7.5mm mandrel, with a final AR of 5.0.

Rings that are moved/folded during a step are marked blue; added rings marked red.

I may add, that there is a variation to this weave, that gives it a more 'Byzantine-like' look: Just turn every second cell around, when connecting the segments. And there is even the possibility to connect the 'cells' directly, without using the connector ring pairs...

Image: bk-tut.jpg

Have fun. -ZiLi-
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