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Orbital Vipera Berus and a Variation
Article © MAIL User: lorraine

Orbital Vipera Berus is a simple and pretty weave. The large rings are 16awg(1.29mm)/7.0mm sterling silver, with an AR of 5.5. The small rings are 16awg(1.29mm)/4.25mm copper with an AR of 3.3.

Step 1. Make a length of 2 in 1 Chain (also called 1-1 chain) with the small rings. You don't have to get it exactly the right length because you can always add more as you go. This row of smaller rings is the Vipera Berus part of the chain. The lean of these will switch back and forth consistently as you weave.
Image: ovbtut_1.jpg

Step 2. Add a large ring through the first and third rings, going around, but not through the second ring in your 2 in 1 Chain. These larger rings are the Orbital rings. They stack on top of each other, but do not go through each other.
Image: ovbtut_2.jpg

Step 3. Keeping the line of Vipera Berus rings in their proper back and forth positions, add a second large ring. It goes through the second small ring (that the first large ring orbits) and the fourth ring, orbits the third ring, and lays over the first large ring.
Image: ovbtut_3.jpg

Step 4. Keep adding the larger orbital rings in the same manner, with the row of smaller Vipera Berus rings down the center, switching back and forth in lean.
Image: ovbtut_4.jpg

Step 5. Keep going.
Image: ovbtut_5.jpg

Step 6. And going...
Image: ovbtut_6.jpg

Image: ovbtut_7.jpg


Now for a very slight variation of Orbital Vipera Berus. You just double the smaller rings down the middle and weave it the same way, treating the doubled rings as if they are one ring. The rings used here are 16awg(1.29mm)/9.0mm copper with an AR of 7.2, and 16awg(1.29mm)/5.75mm sterling silver with an AR of 4.7.

Step 1. Weave some 4 in 2 Chain (also called 2-2 Chain) with the smaller rings.
Image: dovbtut_1.jpg

Step 2. Add a larger ring through the first and third pairs.
Image: dovbtut_2.jpg

Step 3. Add another large ring, through the second and fourth pairs, layered on top of the first large ring.
Image: dovbtut_3.jpg

Step 4. Keep adding larger rings.
Image: dovbtut_4.jpg

Step 5. And another.
Image: dovbtut_5.jpg

Step 6 Keep going...
Image: dovbtut_6.jpg

Image: dovbtut_7.jpg
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