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Jens Pind Linkage 5
(JPL5) AR Comparison
Article © MAIL User: ZiLi

This is a comparison of different ARs the weave Jens Pind Linkage 5 (JPL5) can be woven with. The AR data are real, measured closed-ring data, not mandrel based. So if making your own rings or ordering rings to be used for JPL5, springback and cutting kerf must be taken into account.

Image: jpl5-ar445.jpg

AR of 4.45

already too tight, and in effect totally stiff; ring closings are already pulled a bit open. Practical low AR limit of JPL5 is at 4.50, that is the transition point of stiff and just bendable.

Image: jpl5-ar455.jpg

AR of 4.55

relatively tight but already bendable; in my opinion yet a bit too low for jewellery.

Image: jpl5-ar470.jpg

AR of 4.70

low end of practical AR range, if jewellery shall be made.

Image: jpl5-ar485.jpg

AR of 4.85

more 'fluid' than 4.70; that is in the center of the 'sweet AR range'.

Image: jpl5-ar510.jpg

AR of 5.10

that's already relatively loose, but yet practical.

Image: jpl5-ar530.jpg

AR of 5.30

very loose, but sometimes good, if a very smooth flowing JPL5 chain shall be made - this sample looks only a bit ugly due to the fact that it's photographed flat lying on the table; free hanging it looks fine.


I like ARs in the 4.8 to 5.0 range most, when making JPL5. In that case the weave has a nearly round, decagonal cross-section. The high-AR JPL5s exhibit a roughly pentagram (five-pointed star) cross section, what can also be attractive.

While it is possible to weave JPL5 up to around AR of 5.4, all high AR JPL5s (above AR5.0) are only practical, if at least the last four rings at chain ends are woven with an AR of less than 5.0, or else the end rings can slip out of their proper position when the chain is handled. The low-AR end ring technique (and the slipping problematics) is similar for JPL3 (Jens Pind Linkage) above AR of 3.0, that can be woven up to near AR of 3.4, if at least two finishing rings with an AR of below 3 are set.
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