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Article © MAIL User: lorraine

GSG (Great Southern Gathering) is two rows of Half Persian 3 Sheet 6 in 1. I prefer an AR of around 5.0 for GSG, but the rings used in this tutorial are 16awg/7.0mm with an AR of 5.5. This tutorial shows you how to weave GSG one ring at a time (ORAAT), as opposed to speed-weaving it.

Step 1. Tape together two copper rings so that they overlap and form an eye. This will keep them in place and give you a tab to hold onto while you start the weave. The top ring should overlap the bottom ring.
Image: gsgtut_1a.jpg

The overlapping rings form an eye, marked in green.
Image: gsgtut_1b.jpg

Step 2. Place a silver ring through the eye of the two copper rings.
Image: gsgtut_2a.jpg

Push the new silver ring towards the bottom edge of the weave.
Image: gsgtut_2b.jpg

Step 3. Place another silver ring through the copper rings, this time around the eye. (The second ring on each row does NOT go through the first ring of each row. They only overlap.)
Image: gsgtut_3.jpg

Step 4. I have turned the work so that the tape is along the top, and the working edge is along the bottom. I think it's easier to see the path of the rings this way.
Image: gsgtut_4.jpg

Step 5. Add a copper ring through the eye of the previous two silver rings, and flip it over to the left.
Image: gsgtut_5.jpg

Step 6. Add the second copper ring on this row around the eye of the two previous silver rings. This second ring overlaps the first ring.
Image: gsgtut_6.jpg

Step 7. Add a silver ring through the eye of the previous two copper rings.
Image: gsgtut_7.jpg

Step 8. Add the second silver ring on this row, this time around the eye of the two previous copper rings. This second ring is under the first ring.
Image: gsgtut_8.jpg

Step 9. Continue adding rings by following steps 5 through 8 until you have the length of GSG you want. You are adding pairs of rings for each row. The first ring added through the eye, the second ring added around the eye, and each paired row overlapping in the opposite direction.
Image: gsgtut_9.jpg

Image: gsgtut_10.jpg

Image: gsgtut_11.jpg

Image: gsgtut.jpg
You made GSG!

Comparison picture.
Image: ArkhamViperscaleGSG.jpg
Top: Arkham
Middle: Viperscale
Bottom: GSG
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