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Article © MAIL User: lorraine

Arkham, submitted by CelesteMaille, looks nice with an AR of about 5.5. The rings used in this tutorial are 16awg/7.0mm sterling silver and copper, with an AR of 5.5.

Step 1. Close two copper rings and overlap them so that they form an eye. Tape them together so that they stay in place and so that you have a tag to hold onto while you begin the weave. The top ring should overlap the bottom ring.
Image: arkhamtut_1a.jpg

The "eye" of two rings is the space marked in green here.
Image: arkhamtut_1b.jpg

Step 2. Place a silver ring through the eye of the two copper rings and let it hang down.
Image: arkhamtut_2.jpg

Step 3. Place another silver ring through the two copper rings, but this time around the eye. This ring does not go through the previous silver ring, only through the copper rings.
Image: arkhamtut_3.jpg

Step 4. Place a copper ring through the eye of the pair of silver rings added in the previous step.
Image: arkhamtut_4a.jpg

Push this ring up and fold it under the copper ring along the upper edge.
Image: arkhamtut_4b.jpg

Step 5. Place a second copper ring around the pair of silver rings, this time around the eye. This ring does not go through the first copper ring of the pair, only the silver rings from the previous row.
Image: arkhamtut_5.jpg

Step 6. Place a silver ring through the eye of the copper pair from the previous row, and let it hang down.
Image: arkhamtut_6.jpg

Step 7. Place a second silver ring through the previous copper pair, around the eye.
Image: arkhamtut_7.jpg

Step 8. Continue adding rings following steps 4 through 7. You add rings in pairs, the first one through the eye, the second one around the eye, remembering to switch the direction the first ring lays (up or down) each row.
Image: arkhamtut_8.jpg

Image: arkhamtut_9.jpg

Image: arkhamtut_10.jpg

Image: arkhamtut_11.jpg

Image: arkhamtut_12.jpg

Image: arkhamtut_13.jpg

Image: arkhamtut.jpg
You made Arkham!

Comparison picture.
Image: ArkhamViperscaleGSG.jpg
Top: Arkham
Middle: Viperscale
Bottom: GSG

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