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Vipera Berus Sheet
(CGI; Flat Wire Rings)
Article © MAIL User: NetStormer

Ring Sizes: You can use rings with ARs as low as AR of 3.8 or AR of 3.9, but larger rings up to AR of 4.5 may work well for the amount of flexibility it will give. While the chain itself is doable with as low as AR of 3.0, the sheet is impossible to do at that range. I've personally used rings with AR of 4.2, and got a very manageable sheet out of it. I'd suggest trying it out in a few different sizes to find what suits you best.

The rings I have successfully used to complete this weave were stainless steel 18SWG 3/16" (1.2mm Wire Dia. by 5.16mm ID). These rings were purchased from The Ring Lord.

The basic structure of Vipera Berus Sheet is quite simple. It is a European 4 in 1 sheet with multiple 1-1 chains woven through it.

You will want to start with a Vipera Berus chain as long as you will be wanting your sheet to be.

Image: vipera_chain.jpg
Step 1: Add rings to one side of the chain for the next section of the sheet. These rings are added in the same way you would add on an extra row of Euro 4 in 1.
Image: vipera_sheet1.jpg
Step 2: Add in the vertical rings, alternating the rings' position according to the Vipera Berus weave.
Image: vipera_sheet2.jpg
Continue adding in this manner until you reach the end of the rings you added in Step 1.
Image: vipera_sheet3.jpg
Step 3: Repeat the process done in Steps 1 and 2.
Image: vipera_sheet4.jpg
Step 4: Continue repeating Steps 1 and 2 until you have your sheet the desired length.
Image: vipera_sheet5.jpg
You have now created a Vipera Berus Sheet.

The second method of creating the Vipera Berus Sheet involves starting with a Euro 4 in 1 sheet and weaving the vertical rings into the sheet. The Euro 4 in 1 sheet will end up hanging the "wrong way" and the 1-1 chain will be vertical through the sheet.

This method is quite difficult at lower ARs, and should probably only be done at the 4.5 or higher AR range.

Images Created on Google SketchUp 8.
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