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Beta Project
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The project will be chainmaille sculptures. at this point we are considering a castle/farm/village sort of scene. Unlike the quilt, each submission is still owned by the artist. The idea is to get together sometime and get a picture of a maille settlement.

I (sakredchao) will submit my house, and my gazebo, when it is completed, for this.

thexnihil is working on a maille church.

Some other fun things to make might be:
- a castle
- a wagon
- a fountain
- a tree
- a smithery, with a working smith
- a fire pit (with a bonfire)
- people (farmers, soldiers, noblemen, etc)
- maybe the village is under siege? an attacking army.. or a dragon..?
- maybe a mountain in the background with a keep on it? (smaller scale than the town.)
- is it a harbor town? there could be ships, and a dock.

Don't be afraid to tell a story with this.. If you want to sculpt Arthur and the sword, go for it... it might be worthwhile letting the rest of us in on it if you plan on doing anything along these lines.

Most of all, have fun! Let your imagination run wild.

Now, there is the issue of consistency. We probably want all of the buildings to be more or less on the same scale. Since this is a village, and villages are centered around the beings living in them.

Average height of an inhabitant : 1.5-2 inches.

I was assuming this was a human settlement.. but it could easily be anything else. There are no people living in it.
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