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Staggered Captive Inverted Round Sheet
Article © MAIL User: Catweazle

This article is an alternative tutorial for the Staggered Captive Inverted Round Sheet. You can find the original version of the Tutorial here: Staggered Captive Inverted Round Sheet (Linking CIR Chains).
It is assumed that you know how to make a Captive Inverted Round chain. If you don't know how to make such a chain, use the tutorial Captive Inverted Round (CGI).
I used rings with an AR of 6 and wire diameter of 1 mm for this tutorial.

Step 01: You need a CIR-Chain.
Image: as_irm-c-s-neu_01.jpg

Step 02: Add a single ring to one of the captive rings.
Image: as_irm-c-s-neu_02.jpg

Step 03: Repeat step 2 until every second captive ring has an additional one (brass).
Image: as_irm-c-s-neu_03.jpg

Step 04: Now repeat step 2 until the other captive rings have also an additional ring (bronze).
Image: as_irm-c-s-neu_04.jpg

Step 05: Now put a single ring through one of the additional rings.
Image: as_irm-c-s-neu_05.jpg

Step 06: Add an orbital ring.
Image: as_irm-c-s-neu_06.jpg

Step 07: Repeat steps 5 to 6 on every ring in the same row.
Image: as_irm-c-s-neu_07.jpg

Step 08: Now you have to connect two neighbouring orbital rings with a single ring. You have two choices to do this: On the side which points to the middle of the chain and on the side which points to the edge of the chain. Choose the side which points to the middle of the chain.
Image: as_irm-c-s-neu_08.jpg

Step 09: Repeat step 8 until all orbital rings are connected.
Image: as_irm-c-s-neu_09.jpg

Step 10: One of the connector rings from steps 7 to 8 has to be pulled over the opposite ring (bronze).
Image: as_irm-c-s-neu_10.jpg

Step 11: Now you have to pull an open (green) ring through the bronze ring. When the ring is closed you have a new orbital of three rings.
Image: as_irm-c-s-neu_11-c.jpg

Step 12: Repeat steps 10 to 11 until the row is complete. The construction now looks like a castle wall with merlons. You have now added all captive rings (although they are no prisoners yet) and the bottom of the second IRM-row.
Image: as_irm-c-s-neu_12.jpg

Step 13: You still have to add the "walls" for the second IRM-row. In order to do this pull a ring through two of the bottom rings.
Image: as_irm-c-s-neu_13.jpg

Step 14: Now you have to repeat step 13 until the walls of the second IRM-row are complete.
Image: as_irm-c-s-neu_14.jpg
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