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XX-weave Tutorial
Article © MAIL User: CShake

XX-weave is very straightforward to weave once started, and construction is very much like Full Persian 6 in 1.
This tutorial uses rings with an AR of 5.85. More specifically they're 3/64" (18g) 5356 Aluminum wire on a 1/4" mandrel, cut with Wiss M3 snips, and the final measured dimensions are 0.047" WD / 0.274" ID (1.2mm x 6.96mm)
This is the smallest AR usable for this weave, studies have not yet been done to determine how high it can go before getting too messy.

  1. To start, make a 2-2-2 chain, or a fivelet with a doubled center ring:
  2. Image: xxweave-tut-01.jpg
  3. Now take the two rings on the right and connect them to the two left rings through the center (one to one, not to both the previous), making sure the twist directions are mirrored and not the same direction:
  4. Image: xxweave-tut-02.jpg
  5. This is the trickiest part, adding the first new ring. In words, attach it through all four of the formerly outside rings and through one of the former center rings. In the picture, the new ring is colored orange, and the one center ring it passes through is blue. The new ring also goes through the four uncolored rings perpendicular to the blue ring.
  6. Image: xxweave-tut-03.jpg
  7. Now mirror this new ring, connecting a new one to the other former center ring. In this picture the new ring is orange, former center is blue, and the four other rings to go through are green. The two uncolored rings are the two rings that were colored in the last step - the new ring here does not connect through them.
  8. Image: xxweave-tut-04.jpg
  9. Essentially you repeat steps 3 and 4 over and over, but I'll show a few more pictures to make it even more clear. As in step 3, a new ring (orange) is connected through four perpendicular rings (green) and the previous ring in the grain (blue).
  10. Image: xxweave-tut-05.jpg
  11. This ring is then mirrored on the facing grain, the green highlighting should no longer be necessary to see it: (two views provided, rotated 90 degrees)
  12. Image: xxweave-tut-06.jpgImage: xxweave-tut-07.jpg
  13. Another ring is added, same as step 3 and 5, but by this point the structure is taking shape: (two views 90 degrees apart again)
  14. Image: xxweave-tut-08.jpgImage: xxweave-tut-09.jpg
  15. And repeat! If in doubt, the new (orange) ring goes through all four greens and the previous ring in its grain (blue):
  16. Image: xxweave-tut-10.jpg

Have fun!
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