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Orc Weave
(Unit by Unit)
Article © MAIL User: lorraine

This tutorial shows you how to construct Orc Weave unit by unit, as opposed to in a continuous strip. I find it easier to keep track of the weave this way. Maybe you will too. The rings used are 16awg(1.29mm)/4.75mm rings with an AR of 3.8. I like to use slightly larger rings than the weave calls for so that the folded rings don’t overlap, but instead just barely touch (like in Byzantine).

Step 1. Make a 1-2-1-2-1 chain.
Image: orctut1.jpg

Step2. Fold each single ring on the ends of the chain into the middle.
Image: orctut2.jpg

Step 3. Separate the double rings at the top and bottom by pushing them to the sides.
Image: orctut3.jpg Image: orctut4.jpg

Step 4. Add a ring on each side, to the pairs you pushed to the sides.
Image: orctut5.jpg

Step 5. Turn your work over to the other side. Then flip the two rings added to each side to the middle.
Image: orctut6.jpg Image: orctut7.jpg

Step 6. You will now start adding four "corner" rings to the unit, through the eyes marked in green.
Image: orctut8.jpg Image: orctut9.jpg

Step 7. Continue adding the corner rings.
Image: orctut10.jpg Image: orctut11.jpg

Image: orctut12.jpg

Step 8. This is a finished unit of Orc Weave, looking at the top of the weave. Notice that the folded-in rings face each other left/right. This is top-side up.
Image: orctut13.jpg

Step 9. Turn your work over. Notice that the folded-in rings face each other top/bottom. This is bottom-side up.
Image: orctut14.jpg

Step 10. Make another unit of Orc Weave. Place them side-by-side, bottom-side up. The units are joined by a single ring, threaded through the four rings marked in red.
Image: orctut15.jpg

Step 11. Thread the joining ring through and close. This is the two units joined together, looking bottom-side up. The joining ring is marked in red.
Image: orctut16.jpg

Step 13. Turn your work over. This is the two units joined together, top-side up. Again, the joining ring is marked in red.
Image: orctut17.jpg

Step 14. Keep joining units of Orc Weave together until you have the length you want. Here is a picture of some Orc Weave with nice shiny, well cut rings for a change. :)
Image: orctut18.jpg

Happy weaving!

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