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Flat Byz 4in 1 Tube
Article © MAIL User: MaxumX

Flat Byz 4in1 Tube is quite easy to make so without further ado...

Color Key:
Red = interpolated rings
Blue = inactive or finished weave
Green = Active or added ring
Yellow = orbital captive ring
Purple = floating rings

Aspect Ratio: AR of 4.0
Example rings sizes:
.062 WD x .250 ID
.032 WD x .125 ID

First thing you're going to need to do is understand the base weaves. Which are Byzee Beez to Butterflies and European 4 in 1. If you are unfamiliar with either of those weaves look to the weaves database for their info before proceeding.

The first step in creating this weave is the creation of 1/2 a section of Beez to Butterflies. This is only a starter piece and is probably the hardest part to make but it makes the rest much simpler.

Image: startersectioin1.jpg

Now you're going to want to add 2 rings, one per side of the weave in the manner shown. Do this for all sections.

Image: startersectioin2.jpg

Now connect the two rings you added in the last section by adding two rings through them. We are making the other half of the Byzantine pattern at this point.

Image: startersectioin3.jpg

Finish up the Byz pattern by adding two more rings through the previously-added rings and fold them back as shown.

Image: startersectioin4.jpg

Now lock them in place by adding the 2 connector rings through the sides of each Byz section, same way as you would for Beez to Butterflies.

Image: startersectioin5.jpg

Now that you have the starter done, it's time to move on to the more exciting part and expanding the weave block into a chain. For that we are going to even out the weave first by adding an extra Beez connector to the side.

Image: expandingbyrow1.jpg

And in keeping with that, make it unbalanced, doing the same thing on the other side. This is to start the new row.

Image: expandingbyrow2.jpg

Now add two rings through the middle top and middle bottom rings of the edge. Be sure to align them to the Byz connector side.

Image: expandingbyrow3.jpg

Do the same as above, only the placement is the last two rings.

Image: expandingbyrow4.jpg

Last but not least finish it off by adding two rings through the last four, directly through the eye that was formed. Looking like a Byz section once more.

Image: expandingbyrow5.jpg

Flip the weave over and start again, and again and again. Well you get the idea.

Image: expandingbyrow6.jpg
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